Industry leading CNC machining using the latest technology from prototypes to production runs.

5-Axis Precision CNC Machining

Precision CNC machining of a large range of materials using multi-axis equipment with milling, tapping and finishing operations to produce parts to customer drawing, sample or specification.

Stainless Steel

Super Alloys

High Tensile Steels

Aluminium and Plastics

In-house Design and Development

Accurate Repetition has qualified engineers that can assist with design and development of your products. We can work with you to get the most cost-effective production solution for your company.

Case Studies:

Go Fast Bits Stealth FX Development

Selectrix Industries Locks

Coventry Fasteners HD Threaded Bolt

From Proof to Production

We can manufacture prototypes and samples for proof of concept, right up to long production runs as well as managing your project from beginning to completion and deliver on time and within budget.

Servicing all Industries, including:

defense - medical - power distribution and generation - mining - architectural - infrastructure - hydraulics - flow control and measurement - safety